Your family deserves the very best, and since 1946 my family has been committed to providing you with the cleanest, finest quality foods available.  We carry the most delicious beef and buffalo you have ever tasted.  My family understands that our customers, like us are real families with budgets who want the finest quality available at an honest value. Because we are a family owned and operated business and not part of a huge conglomeration, we maintain high standards of quality and cleanliness.  When you buy meat there are five questions you should always ask to make sure that the meat is clean and safe for your family. 

1.  What is the animal’s diet? Keller’s Choice Natural Gourmet Beef and Buffalo have mouthwatering flavor because of their healthy, vegetarian diet. The nutritional value of the meat you consume is a result of the quality of the animal’s diet. You should make sure thatrange1 the meat you eat is fed properly.  Keller’s beef and buffalo are fed a very carefully balanced diet of grains, alfalfa, and grasses for the highest nutritional value in every bite. Keller’s beef and are never fed animal by-products, meat or bone meal, or any other rendered waste.  Keller’s animals are never fed cardboard, manure, or any other fillers. (This is how animals get sick and diseased and it is just plain gross.) For those who prefer, exclusively grass fed beef is always available.

2.  Are the animals free range? We patiently nurture our cattle and buffalo and allow them to mature slowly and naturally. Our livestock thrive with plenty of clean water, fresh air, exercise, and humane treatment. This is the healthiest way to raise animals, not the fastest, easiest, or most economical way.

3.  How is the meat processed?  Keller’s beef are processed in a small, clean plant where careful attention is paid to detail. We take the time and expense to have a USDA inspector on duty at all times in our plant. Most processing plants do not have a full time USDA inspector. In fact, we go far beyond government and industry standards to ensure cleanliness for your safety. We don’t take shortcuts.

4.  Is the meat dry aged? Our beef and buffalo are naturally dry aged for maximum flavor and tenderness. Keller’s meats are always hand cut fresh daily in our stores from whole animals and trimmed of excess fat. Most stores carry only plastic wrapped, gas flushed, processed pieces which gives meat a shelf life of up to two months. Our ground meats are made fresh all day long, right here on the premises. Most stores carry prepackaged ground meat shipped in from a warehouse.

5.  What is added to the meat? The answer to this question should always be nothing.   If you startsteaks with a healthy animal you don’t have to add anything.  Healthier animals mean healthier meals for your family. We never add preservatives, dyes, colorings, tenderizers, nitrates, nitrites, or MSG to our products which means that the meat is naturally more nutritious, flavorful, and lower in cholesterol.

When you buy good quality meats you can be sure that you are providing your family with good nutrition and with an excellent taste.  This week at Keller’s you can save $2 per pound on choice New York Strip steaks.  For more information on cooking these delicious steaks check out my earlier post 5 Grilling Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making.  What is your favorite cut?  Comment below and let me know.