About Rebecca Keller Duman

Rebecca Keller Duman is a third generation Keller who was born and raised here in Albuquerque. Currently, she manages and operates Keller's Farm Stores with her mother, aunt, and two uncles. She is also the granddaughter of Lawrence Keller, our beloved founder. Rebecca has two Master's degrees: Business Administration and Education. She is passionate about her family, healthy eating, and serving the New Mexico community.

Hawaiian Delight Turkey

Since 1946 my family has been the turkey experts. My grandfather was the first to market an oven ready turkey with the head and feathers removed.  At the time people thought he was crazy but now people can’t imagine buying a turkey any other way.  He was also one of the first to sell turkey [...]

May is Time for Parties and Delicious Food

It is May and one of the busiest months of the year.  School is wrapping up, and the month is full of events like graduations, end of the year celebrations, and beginning of summer activities not to mention holidays like Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day and if your family is like mine there are a [...]

Marinating Magic By Guest Blogger Michael Keller

Marinating MagicBy: Michael KellerMarinades are a delicious way to add zest to grilling! Marinades are normally used on less tender cuts like Chuck Steaks, Chuck Eye Steaks, Family Barbecue Steaks or London Broil. If you are searching for something different, marinades add flavor and moisture to any meat. The basic ingredient is a natural acid, [...]

Easter Eggs are not only Fun but Nutritious as Well.

The egg’s perfect shape has always inspired artists.  It has been the palette for one of the most intriguing of folk arts in many cultures.  There is no end to the creative possibilities for individual expression on an egg shell.  Eggs can be painted or colored with crayons or felt tipped pens, turned into funny [...]

5 Types of Ham for Easter (With Recipes!)

If ham is your choice for Easter Keller’s has several different types of ham to choose from.  They are all delicious.  The Keller’s Natural Smoked Ham is my favorite. The ham comes bone in or boneless.  They are by far our most popular ham.  These delicious hams are marinated with brown sugar and salt, then slowly smoked over a hickory [...]

Keller’s Favorite Passover Recipes

 My family would like to wish you a Happy and Blessed Passover.  Keller’s carries an entire line of foods that are Kosher for Passover.  I would like to share some of our favorite Passover recipes with you: This brisket is absolutely amazing.  It is delicious enough for a special holiday like Passover and it is easy enough to make [...]

Spring Lamb Recipes

I love to choose Lamb for a delicious change of pace.  It is perfect for spring.  Keller’s lamb is tender, flavorful, easy to prepare, and very versatile.  Keller’s young, tender lamb is an excellent source of protein and necessary trace minerals such as iron and zinc.  Because it is young and of excellent quality it [...]

Tax Refund? Fill Your Freezer!

Tax season is upon us and lots of people are looking forward to receiving their tax refund, and most people already have an idea of how they are planning to spend that money.  However, if you aren’t sure how you are planning to spend your tax refund and you want something that will last long [...]

The 3 Best Corned Beef Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

I absolutely love corned beef.  It is one of my favorite meals and I look forward to March every year because of Keller’s mouthwatering corned beef.  I have a March birthday and corned beef is always my special birthday treat.   At Keller’s we carry fresh corned beef in a variety of cuts.  If you don’t [...]