September to me means the beginning of fall.  The days are starting to get shorter and they are nice and cool.  The end of summer can be bittersweet and one of the things that makes it sweet is the state fair.  My sister’s birthday is in September and when we were little we thought that the fair came every year in honor of her birthday.  We loved to look at the animals and the arts and crafts exhibits.  We made a lot of great family memories at the fair. 

One of the biggest parts of the state fair is the food.  There are a lot of delicious choices and unfortunately a lot of the food is not very healthy.  Whether you love the roasted corn or the fried Oreos there is always something tasty to try and the most popular is the turkey legs.  They are delicious and you really can’t beat a piece of meat that you can carry around on a handle.  Unfortunately, the turkey legs you get at the fair can be unhealthy and expensive. 

The good news is that Keller’s has turkey legs on special this week.  We have them roasted, smoked, or barbecued for $3.98/lb.  They are ready to eat just like at the fair.  They are all natural, free range, humanely raised, have no antibiotics and there is nothing added.  It is just turkey!  Our smoked drumsticks are marinated with brown sugar and salt and then smoked over a hickory fire, our roasted drumsticks have nothing added and our barbecued drumsticks only have barbecue sauce.  It is a healthy way to bring the excitement of the fair to your family and it is a great way to celebrate the beginning of fall.    My family is planning on enjoying Keller’s turkey legs and the state fair this week, and I hope your family will too.  Which is your favorite type of turkey leg?  Comment below and let me know!