Turkey is one of my family’s favorite foods.  We love it and we eat it all the time, not just at Thanksgiving!  There is an ongoing joke that we don’t know how to cook anything except for turkey.  And while we definitely know how to cook things that aren’t turkey we are the turkey experts and have been for more than 70 years.  So what do you do when your family loves turkey but you don’t want to roast an entire turkey?  You make a turkey roast of course!  A lot of people hear turkey roast and they think of something that is processed, or meat that is chopped and pressed into a roll and so they don’t want to even think about trying a turkey roast, and I don’t blame them.  That doesn’t sound appetizing at all, and unfortunately that is what you would get if you bought a turkey roast from a grocery store.  The good news is that Keller’s does turkey roasts differently, and better.  Keller’s turkey roasts are just boneless turkey.  We take a whole turkey, cut the meat off of the bone and tie the turkey pieces into a net so that it keeps its shape as a roast.  That is it.  There is nothing added and it is not processed in any way. It is 100% all natural turkey.  They can be made with all breast meat, all thigh meat, or both and they can be made in any size.  For those of you that are like my family and love dark meat this is a great way to have a little extra dark. 

Turkey is easy to cook and turkey roasts are even easier.  They maximize convenience and economy, because there is no bone, it is 100% edible meat.  To cook a turkey roast, rinse it with cold water and pat dry.  Rub it lightly with seasoning.  Keller’s makes a poultry seasoning that I love or salt, garlic, pepper, sage, or lemon are nice options also.  You should roast it on a rack in a covered roasting pan, or wrapped in foil.  I love to use a cooking bag to lock in the juices and create a moist meat.  If you choose to use a roasting bag use the instructions that come with the bag.  Preheat your oven to 325 degrees.  Use the timetable at the bottom of this post for an idea of total cooking time.  Every oven is different.  To make sure that your roast is perfectly cooked use a meat thermometer.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a good meat thermometer.  It is the best way to ensure that your food is cooked enough to be safe but that it is not overdone.  When the roast reaches 165 degrees take it out of the oven.  The heat held in the roast will cause the temperature to rise to about 170 after coming out of the oven.  This will create a delicious and easy turkey dinner for you and for your family.  You can also cook the turkey roast in a crock pot.  It takes a little bit longer but it is delicious.  Sometimes I like to add a can of cream of mushroom soup when I cook a turkey roast in my crock pot.  When it is almost finished I add a little bit of milk to the drippings to create an easy and delicious cream gravy.  However you decide to cook your turkey roast it is easy to have a dinner as delicious as Thanksgiving any night of the week. Since it is boneless carving is super easy.  I love to serve my turkey roasts with mashed potatoes or bread dressing.  What do you love about Keller’s turkey roasts?  Do you have a special recipe of your own?  Comment below and let me know. 

Timetable for Cooking Boneless Turkey Roasts

Ready-to-cook weight                                                  Guide to approximate cooking time

3-5 pounds                                                                     2-2.5 hours

5-7 pounds                                                                     2.5-3.5 hours

7-9 pounds                                                                     3.5-4 hours