Since I am a native New Mexican, I love green chili and add it to everything.  It makes my husband, a native Texan, crazy.  He doesn’t understand why everything I make needs to have green chili added, but I don’t understand why he has to add Texas Hot Sauce to everything, so I guess we are even.  One thing that we do agree on is that Keller’s turkey green chili sausage is delicious.  It is definitely something that should have chili in it. This delicious blend of lean, prime quality turkey and mild green chili is seasoned with natural spices to create a unique and unforgettable flavor.  I am planning on stocking my freezer because it is an easy option for any meal.  Keller’s makes more than 50 types of sausages and turkey green chili is one of my favorites.

My husband likes to get the links, cook them the night before, and wrap them in a tortilla for his lunch the next day.  This sausage is a perfect breakfast option and when we have guests I always make it.  It can also be a great option for dinner.  I love to buy the bulk sausage, make patties, brown them in the frying pan and serve them with biscuits and a slice of cheese.  My husband of course adds the hot sauce.  The bulk sausage can also be used in any recipe that calls for ground meat!  It is mild and not spicy but it does have a good flavor so you can enjoy it even if you are sensitive to spice.

Unfortunately, when most people think of sausage they think of the commercial sausage you can get at the grocery store.  It is full of chemicals and fillers and it doesn’t taste very good.  I love Keller’s sausage because it only has meat and spices.  There is nothing else added so it tastes great.  The recipes for our sausages have been handed down for generations and they are made fresh each day in our stores.  They are low in fat, and low in sodium because we add no sodium nitrate, no sodium nitrite, no preservatives, and no MSG.  We add no artificial flavorings and no artificial colorings so the meat is a natural color and not a dyed red color. 

Give Keller’s turkey green chili sausage a try this week.  It is on sale for $1 off per pound $4.19/lb.  It is the perfect sausage to serve during the Balloon Fiesta.  What is more New Mexican than green chili and balloons?  I guarantee that you will love it!  What is your favorite type of sausage?  Comment below and let me know.