It seems as though there is an increase in the number of bacon flavored products that are available.  Bacon is turning up in more and more recipes and you can buy bacon flavored everything including air freshener and chapstick.  And while I do agree that bacon is delicious and I have tried several recipes that require bacon, I am not sure that I will ever purchase that bacon flavored chapstick.  Everyone loves bacon but the trouble is that most bacon is high in sodium, high in fat and full of chemicals and artificial flavorings.  So even though it is delicious it has to be eaten in moderation because it simply isn’t very good for us.  The nice thing is that Keller’s makes our bacon fresh each day in our stores.  We make pork bacon, beef bacon, turkey Canadian style bacon, and Irish bacon.  Each type of bacon is all natural, low in sodium, low in fat, and has no flavorings or colorings.  We take lean cuts of turkey, pork, or beef marinate it in brown sugar and salt and smoke it over a hickory fire.  That is it.  There is nothing artificial added so you can have your bacon without the guilt of fat, sodium or artificial ingredients.

So now that you know that you can have bacon guilt free let’s talk about what to do with the bacon.  Bacon can obviously be cooked on the stovetop in a frying pan but I like to cook it in the oven.  I heat the oven to 350 and lie the bacon flat on a baking sheet and bake it until it is browned.  It is less of a mess because it doesn’t pop and sizzle like it does on the stove. I love to put Keller’s pork bacon in my breakfast burritos, and Keller’s Canadian bacon is excellent in Chicken Cordon Bleu.  When you are working with bacon the options and recipes are really limitless.  Get to Keller’s this week to save $1/lb on Keller’s Turkey Canadian Style Bacon.  What is your favorite bacon related recipe?  Comment below and let me know.