No Additives Here

Customers flock to Keller’s Farm Stores, which offer naturally raised meats and fresh gourmet food items.

Nancy Keller Jackson, Michael Keller and Margie Keller Perko, along with their brother, Paul (not shown), became the heart and soul of the family business in 1980.

LOOKING FOR THE REAL DEAL? Check out Keller’s Farm Stores. This family owned and operated business flourishes as Albuquerque’s premier Supplier of quality beef, pork, lamb, exotic meats, fancy poultry, fresh seafood, handmade cold cuts, sausages and gourmet foods. Keller’s offers customers quality products they won’t find in the average supermarket. Our farm fresh meats and poultry are grown for flavor, tenderness and nutritional quality,” says Margie Keller Perko one of four Keller siblings who own and operate the company. “The number one reason customers come into our shops is because they know we have the finest meats and gourmet food items available.”Keller’s Farm Stores locations include a shop on Eubank at Candelaria and a shop on Coors at Montano. Customers can choose from a staggering variety of meats, poultry and seafood cuts. The walk-in cooler is typically filled with grain fed sides of beef aging to perfection. Deli items are prepared daily, including hot barbecued ribs and chicken, salads, sandwiches and party trays.

Keller’s also stocks domestic and imported cheeses, and gourmet and natural groceries from around the world. Fresh pastries, baked goods and organic produce are enticingly displayed. A full time nutritional staff offers timely health information and helps customers select natural vitamins, herbs and cosmetics.

Keller’s Farm Stores celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1996.

Driven to perfection
The seasoned and marinated meats offered at Keller’s can go straight to the grill or stove. “Our goal is to make meal preparation easier and faster,” says Nancy Keller Jackson, who has a masters degree in poultry science. For those not satisfied with the abundant selection of exotic meats, including buffalo, quail, pheasant and ostrich, Keller’s will seek out everything from rattlesnake and alligator to bear.

During the holiday season, the huge smokehouse runs 24 hours a day. In the three days before Thanksgiving, 10,000 turkeys are sold. During Christmas week, more than ten tons of prime rib roasts are cut to order. Hundreds of lambs are cut to fill Passover and Easter orders as well Customers can order complete dinner, with their choice of meat, side dishes and desserts.

Since the 1946, Keller’s Farm Stores has been providing customers with naturally raised meat, handmade deli meats and gourmet food items that can’t be found on supermarket shelves.

Keller’s staff prepare gift baskets packed with smoked meats, imported teas, exotic nuts, jams, crackers and cheese. Hundreds of local businesses order gift certificates and gift boxes of tender steaks for their employees, clients and business associates. All-natural, all-nutritious
In an era of mega-supermarkets and blockbuster packing houses that turn out mass produced meats pumped with chemicals, Keller’s takes a refreshingly natural approach. “We never add chemicals, MSG, colorings or preservatives to any of our meats, cold cuts, sausages or bacon,” explains Nancy. “The entire line of deli meats are naturally low in sodium. Our older customers tell us this is the way meat tasted to them when they were children — good old-fashioned flavor and tenderness,” adds Margie.

Modern agriculture is a cost-driven industry, and food prices are set with little consideration given to quality. There is universal pressure on ranchers and farmers to cut production costs. The Keller family’s approach to meat production goes against the grain. They do not sacrifice quality to lower production costs.

Keller’s ham, bacon, cold cuts and sausages are prepared from old-world recipes. Only spices and herbs are used for flavoring. The meat is hand-stuffed into natural casings and slowly smoked over a hickory fire. “It isn’t necessary to use a lot of chemical additives when you start with good ingredients,” says Nancy. Keller’s customers have repeatedly voted the Best of Albuquerque Bologna Award and Best of Albuquerque Meat Market Award to the shops. “It’s the food you really feel good about feeding to your family,” says Nancy.”The meats we market come from animals that are fed a high quality, carefully balanced diet. We do this for two reasons,” says Michael Keller, who heads the company’s production while working closely with his brother, Paul, who operates the Keller’s farm and transporting. “One, the flavor of the meat is determined by the animal’s diet. Cattle that are fed rich grain, corn and alfalfa turn out meat with flavor and tenderness you just don’t find in the supermarket. Our decision has been to stay with the same feed formula day in and day out. Two, meat from animals fed a higher quality, well-balanced diet is more nutritious overall.”Keller’s animals are raised with plenty of fresh air and exercise. No dehorning or castration is performed. The Keller’s feature the highest quality grades of beef including “USDA Choice” and “USDA Prime.” “Choice and Prime grades are the most tender and flavorful,” says Michael Keller. Keller’s animals are processed in clean USDA inspected plants.The Keller family’s secret ingredient for success is customer service. They’re mindful of the fact that customers want a fresher, higher quality, more nutritious product than they can get in any other store, and they want valuable customer service and interaction. “We treat our customers as guests,” says Margie Keller Perko. “We help them make their selections, take orders by phone and cater special occasions. Our goal is to make shopping fun.”

The Kellers’ selection of fresh products gives new meaning to the so-called “farm to table” production chain. The family has developed a respected reputation for their commitment to providing outstanding customer service and the best in specialty meats and gourmet foods.