Seven Reasons You Can’t Afford NOT to Shop at Keller’s

Time after time I have heard people say: “I would love to buy my meat and deli items at Keller’s but my family is on a budget, and we can’t afford the elegance of gourmet food.”  Because of our full service store and our superior products we have established, to my delight, a reputation for excellence.  It is not true that our prices are beyond the reach of the average consumer.  I have compiled the biggest reasons you can’t afford NOT to shop at Keller’s

  1. Competitive Prices In spite of the superior quality of the products in our stores, our prices are very competitive with those of the supermarkets. For example at the time of this writing Keller’s ground beef 93% lean is $4.69/lb while Alberston’s is $4.99/lb Sprouts’ is $6.49/lb, and Whole Foods’ is $9.99/lb.   While we grind fresh whole carcass dry aged beef fresh every hour in our stores the others bring in boxed beef.  This is not to say we always have the lowest prices.  Sometimes our prices are higher especially for certain products like our steaks but our prices are not out of reach for a normal consumer.
  2. Unique Distribution We can keep our prices competitive because of our totally unique distribution system. Because our beef is locally raised by my Uncle we are able to eliminate the middle man and keep prices low for our consumers. Another example, is our eggs.  They are much fresher than most stores.  In the normal scheme of food distribution, eggs are sometimes held in cold storage for months or so before they get to the supermarket.  It’s true!  In our natural scheme of distribution we eliminate a middle man, along with the need for storage.  My Uncle Paul, loads fresh eggs from the farm one day and the following day your family has them on the table,  The beauty of this is, you are able to consume the eggs in a fresh nutritious state.  My Uncles Mike and Paul have our turkeys to the store in less than 24 hours from the time the turkey is package.  The frozen turkey you buy in the grocery store may have been in storage for a year or more. 
  3. You Pay Only for Meat at Keller’s Many of our competitor’s products are pumped full of additives, preservatives and water.  For example, our turkeys are naturally self-basting, the way nature intended, as opposed to being shot full of water and tenderizers.  Have you ever actually read the ingredients in a Butter Ball turkey?  The ingredients read like this:  Vegetable oils (partially hydrogenated soybean, soybean, and coconut) water, salt, sodium phosphates, emulsifiers (polysorbate 60, mono and diglycerides) annatto, color and artificial flavor.  There is absolutely no butter in a butterball turkey.  Keller’s brand turkeys contain nothing artificial. So even though they may be more expensive, you pay only for a delicious turkey. 
  4. Our Meat is Humanely Raised We patiently nurture our cattle and buffalo and allow them to mature slowly and naturally. Our livestock thrive with plenty of clean water, fresh air, exercise, and humane treatment. This is the healthiest way to raise animals, not the fastest, easiest, or most economical way. Keller’s meats are processed in a small, clean plant where careful attention is paid to detail. We take the time and expense to have a USDA inspector on duty at all times in our plant. Most processing plants do not have a full time USDA inspector. In fact, we go far beyond government and industry standards to ensure cleanliness for your safety. We don’t take shortcuts and sometimes this means that our prices are higher.


  1. Small Business Means High Standards Keller’s Farm Stores is a family owned and operated business. We are not part of a huge conglomeration.  We do not believe we could maintain the same standard of quality if we had to answer to a corporate finance officer who only cared about our profitability.  We understand that our customers are real families on budgets that want an exceptional product at an honest value.  One of the best things about shopping at a family business is that you are directly responsible for ensuring that my family and the families of our employees have enough to eat and a place to live.  You aren’t paying for a corporate officer’s vacation home, you are helping real families, like mine, make an honest living.  Our customers like to get fair prices and they know that when they shop at Keller’s they get exceptional products at an honest value.  The fundamentals that have made us successful are a dedicated commitment to personal service and extensive knowledge about products and health care. 
  2. Dedicated and Informed Staff Our dedicated staff is second only to our top quality products.  We enjoy what we do and we are good at it.  We have followed in the path set by my grandfather Lawrence Keller and have been continually involved in basic research and quality control to develop innovative products.  Compliments on our courteous and knowledgeable sales personnel pour in from satisfied customers.  When you shop in one of our stores you can see both sides of the meat before you make a selection, and if you would like to have a steak or roast cut to your personal specifications-you need only ask!  It would certainly be difficult to top the work of our artistic group of journeyman meat cutters, willing and able to make special cuts and even to explain how to prepare the meat.  Putting customers at ease and treating them as welcome friends is our philosophy for doing business.
  3. Educated Production Staff Our production staff includes skilled tradesmen who have handmade Keller’s sausages and coldcuts for decades.  The Keller’s products are free of nitrates, nitrites, MSG, or anything artificial. We have a full time food technologist and a full time poultry scientist as part of our staff.  They work to develop new products as well as recipes and cooking tips for our customers. 

It’s true, our proven methods of livestock production, processing and distribution have paid off since 1946.  You get high nutritional value and excellent flavor, free recipes, cooking tips, personalized service and a fantastic selection.  You save time because tender meat is easily prepared and you save money-we never add water or so-called “self basting” oils.  You also save paying for expensive chemicals and artificial tenderizers.  At Keller’s Farm Stores you get good old fashioned “farm fresh wholesome foods.”  Our products are guaranteed 100 percent.  If you feel that your family and friends deserve the best quality foods available at a reasonable price, then visit our stores.  I assure you a unique shopping adventure.