Keller’s Specialty Smoked Meats

Natural Smoked Ham
This delicious smoked ham is marinated with brown sugar and salt, then slowly smoked over a hickory fire. Because this ham does not have the artificial colorings and flavorings, it has a delicious, lightly smoked pork flavor. Keller’s all natural ham is different from a commercial ham in flavor and appearance. Because we add NO artificial colorings the result is meat which has a natural roasted meat color and is not the “dyed red” meat color. Additionally, because we add NO artificial flavorings the meat has a lightly smoked flavor.

Keller’s Smoked Hams are available bone in or boneless. The boneless smoked ham will be sliced for you, if you wish. For buffets, sandwich making, or snacking these hams are perfect. Smoked Ham Hocks are also available. They are excellent flavoring for beans, soups, stews, and more.

Smoked Turkey
Perfect for entertaining and gift giving, our moist, lean, savory turkeys are marinated with brown sugar and salt, then slowly cooked to mouth watering perfection. Keller’s Smoked Turkey is available in many forms:
• Smoked Whole Turkeys: (Bone In)
• Smoked Turkey Breast: (Boneless)
• Smoked Turkey Drumsticks, Hindquarters and Wings are also available.

Keller’s Roasted Meats

Roasted Turkey
Fully cooked, ready for you to heat and serve, our roasted turkeys are juicy and tender. Keller’s Roasted Turkey is available in several forms:
• Roasted Whole Turkeys: (Bone In. Includes broth)
• Roasted Turkey Breast: (Boneless)
• Roasted Turkey Breast and Thigh (Boneless)
• Roasted Turkey Drumsticks

Custom Entrees
Keller’s will roast or smoke any of our meats with sufficient notice. We charge $2.00 per pound to smoke or roast meat, there is a $20.00 minimum. Heating is an additional $2.00 per pound.

Variety is the Spice of Shopping at Keller’s!
For generations the Keller family has been committed to providing great tasting foods that are good for you. We make sure that we have the freshest, most delicious flavor, and an abundance of choices available for you. Keller’s is big on selection, but we are small and personal when you need attention. We make shopping fun again, with a helpful staff and great selection of handmade, all natural deli meats. You can count on our reputation. The Keller family has been serving you since 1946! And you can count on being happy with everything you buy. We guarantee it!