You Are What You Eat!  Keller’s Natural Gourmet Beef

By: Margie Keller PerkoMargie

Trends of the past couple decades brought about the coining and popularization of that somewhat over-used expression, “You are what you eat.”  Looking back and trying to visualize its first use, I conjure up the image of a homemaker carefully preparing a well-balanced, beautiful meal for her family.  She is concerned about their well-being.  She has read much about nutrition and health.  She carefully selects natural food-stuffs and prepares them so as to their nutritive value.  Her concern for her family’s well-being has sprouted from love and a desire to give them the very best.  The table is set…the moment of reckoning approaches.  Will her family appreciate her efforts?  Will each face at that table beam with appreciation?  The single most important factor in determining the success of any meal is the flavor and tenderness of the entrée.  Our homemaker, despite her effort, is at the mercy of the quality of her food stuffs.  The flavor and tenderness of the meat we produce is the result of the care we have taken in formulating a sound, well-balanced nutritional plan for our livestock. 

Feeding livestock is a fine science.  Indeed, more is actually known about animal nutrition than about human nutrition.  We are frequently asked what we feed our livestock.  The answer to that question is as complex as the answer to the question, “What do you eat?”  Our livestock is grain fed.  They are given a combination of grains which are carefully mixed so as to meet each animal’s specific amino acid, carbohydrate, fat, vitamin and mineral needs at that age, given existing weather and climate conditions.  Our cattle mature more slowly, going to market at 14-16 months.  They are raised on pasture and field stubble until 10-12 months of age then fed a finely balanced grain mixture.  Good well balanced feed affects the flavor of the meat that results.  A good balanced diet is necessary to produce meats which are nutritious themselves. range1

The next time you cut into a juicy steak from Keller’s you can rest assured that the flavor and tenderness will be great and consistent with what you expect from us.  Flavor and tenderness aren’t a matter of chance, but the result of our careful, well –planned nutritional program.  You can rest assured this meat is healthful and nutritious for it was raised on wholesome grains combined in a well-balanced total feeding program.

Keller’s Natural Gourmet Beef is whole beef-not plastic wrapped, processed pieces.  This means Naturally Aged Beef for maximum flavor and tenderness.  It is trimmed of excess fat to insure maximum nutrition and value.  It is raised in a humane manner, with plenty of fresh air and exercise.  No dehorning or castration is performed. It is processed in a small clean USDA inspected plant.  An inspector is on duty at all times.  It is minimally processed, there are no dyes or colorings added, there are no tenderizers, preservatives, nitrites, nitrates or MSG.