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Our goal is to make our customers shopping experience as well as our employment experience pleasant. People who love people are the happiest and most successful in life and in business. This idea is what has made Keller's Farm Stores a successful retailer since 1946. If you love serving customers, Keller's would like to t...alk to you. Keller's is looking for experienced meat cutters, managers, and customer service people who can assist Keller's customers with Natural & Gourmet Groceries, Produce & Dairy, Meat and Deli. If you would enjoy working in a family business environment where you are a talented individual and not just a corporate number, then join the Keller's Farm Store family. We offer flexible part time or full time schedules with competitive wages. We invite you to apply in person today. Applications are available on thewebsite, and can be submitted at either store location (2912 Eubank at Candelaria or 6100H Coors at Montano Plaza). See more details on our employment page.

Celebrating 68 Years of Fine Natural Foods! Long before natural foods were trendy, the Keller Family was committed to providing the cleanest, highest quality, most delicious tasting, farm fresh, natural foods available. In 1946 folks would drive out to our farm to buy fresh meats. Our first store was opened in 1960 and our current location opened in 1972. Our meats are fresh from the farm, cut fresh all day, everyday! New Mexico’s largest selection of fresh, smoked and roasted meats is at Keller’s. For five generations it has been our goal to make shopping fun, always mindful that our customers, like us, are real families on budgets who want the best quality available at an honest value. Get to Keller’s today. Introduce your family to ours.

We control our products from the farm to the store shelf, so you get the freshest food available. A perfect example are our farm fresh, all natural eggs! Keller's eggs are the freshest you can buy. There's no middle man, so our prices are kept down and our eggs are never held in storage waiting for distribution. Paul Keller delivers the farm fresh eggs straight to our stores, in his own truck. Your family can enjoy fresh nutritious eggs immediately. Our poultry is humanely raised; no hormones, antibiotics or growth stimulants are ever used. You can definitely see and taste a difference in Keller's fresh eggs! Keller's makes shopping fun, with a helpful staff and the greatest selection of quality foods available. Keller's staff includes experts in Food Preparation, Catering & Entertaining, Nutrition and Agriculture to answer questions. Our meat and deli are full service.

Unlike the pre-wrapped meat found in most markets, you can choose your selections and they will be wrapped the way you like.

You can feel good about serving your family clean, natural meats from Keller's! You can count on being happy with everything you buy. Keller's guarantees it!

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Since 1946 our family has been committed to providing you with the cleanest, highest quality, most delicious tasting, farm fresh natural foods available. Our meats are fresh from the farm, cut fresh daily. We never add preservatives or chemicals. Maintaining a large assortment of meats, including a large assortment of natural and gourmet foods, is a priority of our family. And while we offer a great deal of selection and a tremendous variety, we are small and personal when you need attention. Our goal is to make shopping fun, always mindful that our customers, like us, are real families on budgets who want the best quality available at an honest value. Keller's is a family owned and operated business, not part of a huge conglomeration. We could not maintain the same standard of quality and cleanliness if we had to answer to corporate officers who only cared about our profitability. Since 1946 you have been able to count on our family's reputation. We're sure you'll be happy with everything you buy. Stop in Keller's today! Introduce your family to our family.

Everyone knows that Keller's is the place to shop for the highest quality, most delicious tasting meats. And everyone knows that Keller's has the highest standards for food safety. What some people may not know is that many of Keller's products are the same price or less than the average grocery store or meat market! When you can buy the freshest product at a competitive price, plus get the satisfaction of knowing your family is getting a clean, natural product from a reputable family business why would you shop anywhere else? The Keller family has been committed to you since 1946!

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