New-BaconKeller’s Bacon

This bacon is lean premium pork, hand rubbed with just two ingredients: brown sugar and salt. Smoked slowly over a hickory fire, it is incredibly delicious!


smoked-turkey-baconSmoked Turkey Bacon

This Canadian Style Bacon is made from lean turkey and natural spices. It is smoked over a slow hickory fire for smokey country flavor.


Keller’s Irish Bacon

Traditionally, Irish bacon is made from the back meat of the pig, as opposed to the pork belly used in American bacon. Similar to Canadian bacon, Keller’s Irish bacon is very lean premium pork loin, hand rubbed and marinated in brown sugar and salt. This product is available fresh or smoked. The smoked product is slowly smoked over a hickory fire. In Ireland and Great Britain it is called “back bacon or rashers”. It is not only great for breakfast, but also in sandwiches or diced in omelets. Cook until done but not crisped like American bacon.