Keller’s Sausages

 Hot Diggity Dog!

sausage-1At dawn each morning our sausage-makers, skilled craftsmen in the finest Old World tradition, arrive to begin their ritual…hand making fresh sausages, franks, bacon, and deli meats for you! Only the freshest, leanest, most flavorful cuts are selected from Keller’s own Choice Beef, Prime Turkeys, Chicken, Buffalo, and Premium Pork.

The recipes have been handed down for generations in the Keller family. Delicate herbs and exotic spices are blended to flavor the meat to mouth watering perfection. Hand made and slowly smoked over a hickory fire, it’s no coincidence that our franks, sausages, bacon and deli meats taste so good!

sausage-2Keller’s sausages, franks, bacon and deli meats are low in fat. Unlike commercial sausages, bacon, deli meats, and smoked foods, Keller’s meats are cured and smoked naturally. Keller’s sausages, franks, bacon and deli meats are low in sodium, because we add NO sodium nitrate, NO sodium nitrite, NO preservatives, and NO MSG. Because we add NO artificial colorings, the result is meat which has a natural, roasted meat color and is not the “dyed red” meat color. Because we add NO artificial flavorings, the meat has a lightly smoked flavor. Keller’s products are truly unique in both flavor and appearance. Because we add NO preservatives, Keller’s meat products should be frozen immediately after purchase if they will not be used within three days.

To prepare fresh link sausages, simmer in water for a few minutes until tender. The next step is to brown them by pan frying, grilling, or broiling. Smoked sausages and turkey bacon are fully cooked and just need to be heated by pan frying, grilling, or broiling. Fresh bulk sausages can be used in any recipe calling for ground meat, or formed into patties or meat balls and pan fried, grilled, broiled, or baked.

Keller’s Fresh Sausages

Keller’s Southwest Chicken Link Sausage

Our newest addition, this zesty sausage is made with extra lean chicken and seasoned with bell peppers, garlic, lemon and spices. It is flavorful, with just enough kick to let you know you’re in New Mexico!

Keller’s Keller’s Irish Pork Link Sausage
This fresh, mild sausage is lean premium pork seasoned with salt, paprika, sage, black pepper, cayenne, mace and nutmeg. Similar to an English pork banger, this sausage is hand stuffed into authentic hog casings and is perfect for breakfast, sandwiches or any meal.

Chicken Apple Sausage (Link or Bulk)
Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities for this sausage. It is terrific in pasta dishes and casseroles, delicious for breakfast and sandwiches. This versatile sausage is seasoned with apple bits, salt, parsley, onion, celery and other delicious spices.

Linguica Portuguese Link Sausage
This is a spicy favorite, not too hot but bursting with flavor! Our lean premium pork is seasoned with salt, paprika, garlic and natural spices.

Fresh Pork Sausage (Link or Bulk)
This traditional breakfast sausage is select cuts of lean premium pork seasoned with lemon and natural spices. The links are stuffed into a natural sheep casing.

Fresh Turkey Sausage (Link or Bulk)
Very lean, prime quality ground turkey seasoned with lemon and natural spices provide a treat for your family.

Fresh Turkey And Pork Green Chili Sausage (Link or Bulk)
This tasty combination of turkey and pork combined with mild green chile and natural spices creates a delicious traditional Southwest favorite.

Fresh Turkey Green Chili Sausage (Link or Bulk)
This delicious blend of lean, prime quality turkey and mild green chili is seasoned with natural spices to create a unique and unforgettable flavor.

Buffalo Bratwurst Link Sausage
Buffalo tastes great! This delicious gourmet sausage has a sweet, rich flavor. It is made from lean meat and is seasoned with garlic, paprika, salt as well as other delicious herbs and spices.

Fresh Traditional Italian Sausage (Link or Bulk)
A lean turkey and pork blend is mixed with fennel, red pepper, salt, garlic, lemon, and distinctive natural Italian spices.

Fresh Turkey Italian Sausage (Link or Bulk)
This extra lean sausage is exclusively turkey blended with fennel, red pepper, salt, and Italian spices.

Fresh Hot Italian Sausage (Link or Bulk)
Spiced up with extra crushed red pepper, this sausage is lean turkey and pork blended with fennel, lemon, salt, and Italian spices.

Fresh Sweet Italian Sausage (Link or Bulk)
Hand selected lean turkey and pork is mixed with honey, fennel, paprika, salt, and fine Old World Italian spices.

Chorizo Link Sausage
This seasoned Mexican sausage is a Southwest favorite. Keller’s Chorizo is made with lean turkey and pork mixed with hot cayenne chile peppers and other spicy seasonings.

Carne Adovada Sausage (Link or Bulk)
Select lean turkey and pork mixed with fresh roasted red chile pods, salt, garlic, and a delicious blend of Mexican spices makes this sausage a hit!

Bratwurst Link Sausage
This grilling sausage is a party favorite containing garlic, paprika, salt as well as other delicious herbs and spices, blended with select cuts of lean turkey and pork.

Polish Link Sausage
Lean turkey and pork, seasoned with salt, garlic, lemon, and natural spices creates a delectable sausage that is terrific grilled.

Keller’s Smoked Sausages

Smoked Bratwurst Link Sausage
Select cuts of lean turkey and pork are blended with garlic, paprika, salt as well as other delicious herbs and spices, and then smoked to perfection over a hickory fire. This fully cooked sausage makes a quick, delicious meal.

Andouille Hot Link Sausage
This spicy Cajun favorite is made with lean premium pork and seasoned with salt, spices, paprika, and garlic. Serve this sausage with jazz music, it will make you feel like you’re in New Orleans!

Keller’s Smoked Wieners and Franks

Turkey Franks
Franks are the most popular sausage around the globe and this one is as lean as they come! This is a mildly seasoned frank made with lean ground turkey and natural spices, lightly smoked over a hickory fire.

Turkey And Cheese Franks
Loved by everyone, our delicious, lightly smoked turkey and cheese franks are made of mildly seasoned lean ground turkey and cheese.

Turkey Green Chile Franks
Only in New Mexico will you find green chile this good, and only at Keller’s will you find a frank this incredibly delicious and lean! Extra lean turkey and mild green chile are the ingredients, lightly smoked. Not too spicy but bursting with flavor.

Turkey Green Chile And Cheese Franks
This one comes with the works! Our delicious seasoned smoked turkey franks filled with mild green chile and creamy cheese. They are lightly smoked.

Old Fashioned Beef Franks
Franks are the most popular sausage anywhere around the globe. Made from select cuts of extra lean beef, it is a long time tradition loved by everyone for its juiciness as well as convenience. This lightly smoked frank is our leanest and lowest sodium beef frank.

Beef Wieners And Franks
These all natural sausages are an all around favorite, made from select beef cuts blended with traditional seasonings. These wieners and franks are skinless. There are 10 Wieners in a pound and Franks are twice as large, five to a pound.